Jumbo Frame Clean Networking Gear

This page lists gigabit networking gear that is jumbo frame (MTU>=9000 bytes) clean, and gigabit networking gear that has been investigated and found NOT to be jumbo frame clean.

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16110 MTU Ethernet

"16KB" MTU

14336 MTU Ethernet

10240 MTU Ethernet

10194 MTU Ethernet

9600 MTU Ethernet

9500 MTU Ethernet

9252 MTU Ethernet

9234 MTU (9216+18 bytes of ethernet header/trailer) Ethernet

9220 MTU (including 4 bytes for a VLAN tag)

9216 MTU (9198+18 bytes of ethernet header/trailer) Ethernet

9192 MTU Ethernet

9180 MTU Ethernet


9014 MTU Ethernet


9000 MTU Ethernet

  • sk98lin driver for Linux

    Believed to Be Jumbo Capable, But No Exact Value Specified

    NOT Jumbo Frame Clean Networking Gear

    8500 Byte MTU

  • Cisco Firewall Services Module

    7500 Byte MTU

  • Netgear GA311

    7168 Byte MTU

  • Startech ST1000BT32


    4500 MTU Ethernet

    4480 MTU Ethernet

    4476 MTU Ethernet

    4470 MTU Ethernet

    3900 MTU Ethernet

    3000 MTU Ethernet

  • Netgear GA511

    2450 MTU Ethernet

    2025 MTU Ethernet

    2018 MTU Etherent

    2000 MTU Ethernet

    1548 MTU Ethernet ("Baby Jumbos")

    1546 MTU Ethernet

    1536 MTU Ethernet

    1500 MTU Ethernet

    NOT jumbo frame capable (no specific MTU value quoted)

    Also of interest: in July 2003, Glen Turner of AARNet (glen.turner+spam@aarnet.edu.au) mentioned:

    I went through all the ethernet driver code in the Linux 2.4 kernel.
    The following drivers support 9000 MTU packets:
        tg3       Broadcom gigabit
        e1000     Intel gigabit
        acenic    Alteon AceNIC, 3Com 3c985, 3Com 3c985B, Netgear GA620,
                  HP, SGI, DEC.
        amd8111e  Claims support, but only 8K
        d12k      (DLink) Claims support, but only 8000
    Everything else in the stock kernel is 1500.  The tc902x
    driver used by the Antares cards isn't in the stock kernel.
    The drivers which work can also do VLANs at 9000 MTU for
    the encapsulated packets.
    For people looking for a GbE card for Linux the "Intel Pro/1000
    Server MT" is currently the best choice of the popular cards.
    The e1000 driver fully supports the hardware features, including
    interrupt combining and large send offload.
    People using Broadcom cards have a hard time of it.  The
    manufacturer's bcm5700 driver doesn't work well with the
    kernel.  The tg3 driver doesn't work well with the card.
    Things are improving, but large send offload, etc are
    still some time away.

  • Netgear GS105 / GS108

    but see also:

    additional jumbo frame link for the GS108

  • Linksys EG005W / EG008W
    see this link however, please also see

    for a dissenting view

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